Celebrating the 60th anniversary, Atsugi Kendo Federation(AKF) invites guests from all over the world and holds 2014 Atsugi International Kendo Festival. AKF hopes that all participates cultivate a better understanding about the beauty of Kendo through the intercultural interaction in this festival. AFK deeply thanks to the united effort of you to hold such an international Kendo event.

*** Dates and Venue ***
Date : 2014/10/31(Fri)-3(Mon)
Location : Main Arena in Atsugishi Ogino Sports Park(Map)



2014/10/31(Fri)Visit Atsugi City Hall and Takizawa Dojo
2014/11/1(Sat)Kendo Seminar
Atsugi bus tour
Demonstration of Martial Arts
201411/2(Sun)Atsugi Kendo Championship
AKF's 60th anniversary party
201411/3(Mon)Watch All Japan Kendo Championship
Breakup meeting


Participating Countries

Our friends from fourteen countries participate in 2014 Atsugi Kendo Festival. Check out how each country practices Kendo and the relationship with Atsugi Kendo Federation.

United Kingdom, United States of America, China, Republic of Korea, Spain, Japan(Yokote city) , Chinese Taipei , France , Hong Kong , Argentina , Italy , Brazil , Uzbekistan , Australia

(Reference)Location of the participating countries

Demonstration of Martial Arts

Demonstration program is here.


Atsugi Kendo Championships

Rules and Important points is here.



10/31(Fri) PM *Participates arrive in Japan
Visit Atsugi City Hall and Takizawa Dojo
(For those interested in visiting)
11/1(Sat) AM *Foreign participates only
Kendo Seminar and Atsugi bus tour
PM Atsugi International Kendo Festival (admission free)
Demonstration of Martial Arts
Interactive Keiko
11/2(Sun) All Day 2014 Atsugi Kendo Championship (admission free)
AKF’s 60th anniversary party (at Rembrandt Hotel)
11/3(Mon) All Day *Foreign participates only
Watch All Japan Kendo Championship
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Atsugishi Ogino Sports Park
  (Address: 1500 Nakaogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan)


Rembrandt Hotel
  (Address: 2-13-1 Nakamachi, Atsugi, Kanazawa, Japan)